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Precious-Jewel Multi-purpose Business World  A palmoil production and cassava farming Company which diversified Agro based business. The Group has been at the forefront of creating alternative employment solutions for the youths, profitable businesses, providing bespoke and innovative financing for a variety of economic sectors across the Country. The Group places strong emphasis on deriving sustainable development of the Nigerian economy by focusing its expertise on key sectors such as agriculture, general business finance, consumer credit, housing, and education in line with its chosen development mandate to help reduce poverty and improve the living conditions of Africans as a whole. The overall goal of the group is to help mobilize international & domestic capital to support the continent’s economic and social development.

Precious-Jewel Multi-purpose Business World offers Agro supplies,  investment packages and its related services via its subsidiaries above which provide, corporate finance advisory, asset management, trust services and securities. The Group also has a Palm oil production company which includes a full-service Palm production and packaging,  to retail to consumers and export within. This also includes payment services and retail credit.  

On the distribution slide, we work with  asset managers, Lawyers, trustees, high net worth individuals such as you and other retail investors, and on the lookout for international emerging market fund managers and international banks with an appetite for sub-Sahara African investments.