About Precious Jewel

Precious-Jewel Multi-purpose Business World  A palmoil production and cassava farming Company which diversified Agro based business. The Group has been at the forefront of creating alternative employment solutions for the youths, profitable businesses, providing bespoke and innovative financing for a variety of economic sectors across the Country. The Group places strong emphasis on deriving sustainable development of the Nigerian economy by focusing its expertise on key sectors such as agriculture, general business finance, consumer credit, housing, and education.

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palm oil production-precous jewel


Precious Jewel Multi-purpose business has a Palm oil production company which includes a full-service Palm oil site for the production of top quality oil.

cassava farming

Our cassava farm is located in the southern part of Nigeria. This ensures that our cassavas are only grownin the best soils to yield a bountiful harvest.

invest and earn

We work with asset managers, Lawyers, trustees, high net worth individuals such as you and other retail investors, and provide them maximum ROI on their investment.

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As a distributor, you’ll get access to our variety of products at the cheapest rate possible to ensure your profitability.