Sat. Sep 21st, 2019
What do you when it seems like you are the only single girl on the block

When you feel like the only Single Girl on the Block Ep 2

What do you when it seems like you are the only single girl on the block

Over the past few days, I have been jumbled into a myriad of thoughts. In fact, it’s to the point where I started to wonder if I missed the ship. I mean, did a group of Christian men place a roll call? Perhaps Heaven asked us to submit our marriage and relationship requests and I was so busy I got skipped and cast away 

Do you know that feeling? 

It feels like everyone around you is getting married or in a relationship, and you’re just over here still “grossly single” and lonely on most date nights and romantic seasons. I know how it feels to look around and feel like you’re the only single person left in the room, and I know what it’s like to begin to question if maybe it’s because you’ve done something wrong:

What do these people have that I don’t? Am I not good enough? Not pretty enough? Should I have stayed with my ex? Am I too damaged? Was I too focused on my career? Does God care for them more than he cares for me? The thoughts begin to run rampant, searching for an answer.

Ladies, Lets get real on this discussion.  Do you feel the pressure? You may have probably thought about it even this morning. We are not talking theories right now on this podcast but real stuffs that we all pass through as ladies: engaged, dating and grossly single.

As long as you are not married, believe me the pressure gets real at some time. You could be a career woman or a stay at home lady. You are not alone.

 I am here with three of my friends Adeshewa, comfort and Ifeoluwa as they take us on their own pressure ride




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