What the Death of a little Boy taught Me

What the death of a little boy taught me

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Apparently, we live once and learn along the way but some experiences and stories live with us forever or keep fresh in our memory. It would be safe to say that the death of this little boy was a result of a stupid action orchestrated by peer pressures and jeers.

Unfortunately all we are left with are tales of sadness and regrets as the dead do not come back alive. My heart goes out to his parents. I am pretty sure that they are wallowing in guilt of sending out their supposedly well trained child on a simple errand he ran successfully every other day

The gruesome death of a little boy who was swept by the flood on his way to purchase a gallon of fuel accompanied by his siblings.

The moment this news greeted my ears, I was held in total shock. I kept hauling questions at my mum: Why didn’t anyone save that boy? Why did he have to take up that challenge? Couldn’t he have said No!

Of course, my Mum had no answers to those imposing questions of mine. She is just as poignant as I am

These children could have continued their walk along the safe express road but they choose to engage one another in a face off to determine who was more “courageous”

Sometimes the challenge to your height of courage or confidence could be a death trap; you are not just alive to prove anything to nobody

By the roadside was a gutter of rushing water. Once it rained, the gutter serves as a channel to collect flood off the road.

You know that point when the demons in the environment start whispering death ideas to you? Just run. They could be innocent friends who are only trying to challenge you to be a man or be a woman or bad ass chick or whatever it is young people call it this days.

Back to the tales of the boy who taught me a lot through his death. I never got to meet him while he was alive but his death spread a huge lesson. Sincerely, I don’t want to die like that.

How about you?

Well, his siblings and some other friends threw a challenge at him and the challenge was to see who was capable of holding their leg inside the flooded gutter, they all had their turn till he conceded. Whooomm!!  in a speed of light he eventually got swept off by the flood

Funny enough the kids laughed it off. Instead, went home to tell their parents that their brother was swimming

Boy! Who takes a dive inside a dirty flood in a nasty gutter? Well, the little boy is dead and gone

what the death of a little boy taught me

Lessons I learnt from the Death of this little Boy:

If you can be sincere with yourself and me as well, at one point in life we have met friends who challenged us either to become better versions of ourselves or friends who pushed us to the brim of death. They would still laugh while we drown and tell others that we are just swimming in a gutter

Now, this is not to say that those kids who watched the flood carry their brother are to blame because come on what could they possibly do.  So, this is not me being insensitive. This is me rather taking out lessons and relating them to what I have seen in my life and in the life of others.

So before you jump away from this page with a sad face clearly written disappointments and oh! Precious is insensitive. Just read to the end and take few things out of this post.

Having established that and cleared any air of insensitivity to the death of a little boy, let us discuss our lessons. Shall we?

There are two classes of friends as I mentioned before;

  1. The ones who challenge you to be better
  2. The ones who watch your death

I know we all have the ride and die friends who will do anything for us, at least most of us do. Well if you don’t have, you need to be that friend and then you are going to attract your type. That is my perspective of good friendship.

You know why? We attract the same kind of energy we exhume. When you are a good friend to others you will attract people who will love you and want to take care of you.

I am never someone who expects so much from people or tries to force them to treat me the way I treat them. I am always of the opinion that they eventually see how good I am to them and reciprocate the kindness if they have got the time.

Have you read my post on the kinds of friends every Christian girl should have

We always get heartbroken each time we show kindness to people while expecting a payback or a pat on the shoulder. Jesus never asked anyone to be his friend because he healed them or helped them cast demons away from their body.

Even the twelve disciples did not follow him out of self pity. He only made a call out to them and said come, I will make you.

It is like saying well, I don’t really care if you choose to honor my hand of followership but if you do, you will not regret it there is something that I will make of you and eventually they did.

Even when peter went back to fishing after that Jesus resurrected. Jesus still went to get him back and to strengthen him. Jesus did not expect anything from any soul. He was good and kind to them because it is in his DNA. Goodness is the nature of Christ and so should be ours

So, quit expecting stuffs from people whether they see the kindness or not is left to their conscience

For more in-depth knowledge read my post on Why you should not expect so much from people

It already seems like am derailing form this path and topic. Pardon moi. Just that sometimes you have to address two matters or more in one topic.

I do hope you are taking something out of this topic anyway. Let’s continue and don’t forget to subscribe while you read through. You absolutely do not want to miss out on any goodies.

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Even if you have never had such kind of friends despite your goody goody continue being nice to them except of course they run into the second category we would be delving into right now

The friends who seek your death:  I will break this particular category into two parts. One who innocently put you in a death position and ignorantly too and the other deadly ones who put in dangerous positions

Well, the innocent ones may not know what they do to you and still go ahead to wreck more damage  but you know the good about them is that you can easily detect them and put them right and watch them repent and turn away from that dangerous habits and attitudes. Their death passage for you could be in the area of discouraging you from your goals and even laughing at you when you want to try something new

The second parts of the dangerous friends are ones who wide eyed put you in near death experiences for their own pleasures. They are usually those friends who keep throwing challenges that could destroy your spiritual life, academics or emotional life.

They could go right ahead to tell you that having sex is not a huge sin lol. I had to use that example because I have heard people tell me that they are kinda confused if they should keep their purity just because a friend says it is okay to throw it all out and enjoy life but you know who suffers the death and blow to your relationship with God? You

Those friends might be guys you hang out with who convince you to drown a crate of alcohol.

My daddy once narrated a story of how a friend lured him to a smoking hideout, the moment he walked in and perceived the nauseating smoke he just knew this was not where he needed to be.

Despite the challenge catch phrase thrown at him and you know that catch phrase too “if you are a real man……do so so stuff”

Excuse me, I beg to defer but being a man or proving to be a bad ass chick is not dependent on how much I endanger my life. I don’t need to prove to anyone that I am a strong woman who is very determined to take on risks.

Sweetie, I would rather take up risks for Christ and my own benefit than ones that would put me six feet below the earth.

You remember the ordeal of Jesus Christ with the devil when he just got out of the wilderness after his 40 days fast. Mr. Devil thought he saw a good catch. Well, Jesus and Mr. Devil are not friends and were never and would never be but I just want to use that example to drive a point to on what you are to do when you have those kinds of dangerous friends in your life

Jesus made one last statement during the third temptation that has stuck to my head and helped me deal with friends who are not worth the challenge

Jesus said to Mr. Devil “get ye behind me”

Yayyyyy , that was some major ass kicking statement right there.

You know? Whenever I am tempted or have to take a decision sometimes, I approach that situation with one basic question what would Jesus do?

One of the slogans I chant most times is what “Jesus did I will do”

“Where Jesus went to I will go”

Have you ever heard this slogan before? Do you apply it in your life decision scheme?

Let me know how you handle your own life challenges in the comment box below

Getting rid of dangerous friends is not always easy and I know that as well but it is a life process we must try to engage in just to rid ourselves of any possible death. Especially when they continually break God’s laws (not just someone who slips up and makes an occasional mistake) before you go away from this page to cut off friends who will benefit you later just because they made a little mistake.

Remember when I grouped the dangerous ones into two parts:

The innocent ones and the heavily guilty and unrepentant friends

Read this post on How to end Friendship as a Christian

Lessons I learned from the little boy’s death

  1. Do not allow anybody to challenge into doing anything to endanger your life whether your relationship with God or your relationship with others. They could well be anyone, I don’t care but I just won’t allow you put me in harm’s way
  2. Learn to say No! Most times saying no in the face of challenges could endear insults like being termed coward

I would rather be called a weakling and a coward than jump into challenges that would destroy my life.

If you have ever played the truth or dare game. You will understand that it is not always easy to back down from nasty requests especially when there is a money bet to it. Worse, the piercing eyes of many.

 Back in secondary school during our special nights before graduation day, we played some of these games. Believe me when I say girls did nasty things back then. Just to prove they were fun and wild and of course are ready to take on any challenge

  1. Question their challenges each time. Even if they are knee deep in sin and challenge you to sin with them. Challenge them with the truth of the word of God. My bible says not to do this or I am sorry but this does not just seem right to me.

So, on what grounds do you ask me to break the law and wisdom of God?

In my life, I have had to question lots of persons who wanted me to cover up for them or go out with them (that is not to say that you should not go out on dates, I have been on few dates myself. I just mean on a different level of expectations especially when they are not saved) or even do some other stuff that was not constant with my conviction.

You can be a Christian and very good friends. That friendship stops for a second the moment you request that I go against my convictions. I do not care about your feelings at that point more than I am concerned about my relationship with God.

At the tail end, he matters more to me that any human being. If you are not talking Christ, you lost me

The most problem we have in the Christendom is emotions. Christianity is not about your emotions and considering other people’s feelings at the junction of your temptation. It is rather about saying “Devil get thee behind me”. Choose to stand for the truth regardless of whose ox is gored

They don’t consider your feelings and your relationship with God; they fail to respect your faith. Why should you consider their feelings when telling them off on their dangerous request and standing for the truth.

This is to the teen, young ladies like me and older friends sunk knee deep in death because of friends. It is time you say “devil get thee behind me” and step away from such friends

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Until next time, Stay focused. Be on the frontline


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