Sat. Sep 21st, 2019
Under the duvet podcast

Under The Duvet Podcast With Precious Jewel- Intro Ep 1

Precious Ngozika Oli





Hello and welcome to under the duvet podcast with precious jewel. I am so elated to start this journey and take it more seriously this time around. This podcast is called “Under The Duvet” for hearty and specific reasons.

Duvet means comfort. Hence, it is my heart desire that we find comfort in the little conversations which I and my other guests will discuss each week. There will be a friend over on this podcast channel every week to talk through some of our challenges and help answer the questions that plague our hearts.

We will be talking about family, friendships, relations, career and self confidence. I just wanted to take out my time to welcome us all on board this train of stories and inspiration as the lord helps us.

I cannot wait to share and spend time with you each week

Hugs and love from me

Precious Ngozika Oli

(Precious Jewel)


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