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I met her for the first time as I walked to the mall to grab few groceries, the girl in my dreams. She had appeared a few times before. There she stood tall as mount Everest, wearing one of those white t-shirts written:”I AM ON FIRE”

There was something about her that kept drawing me close; I couldn’t tell if it was her beauty or her gait because believe me this girl is drop dead gorgeous. She looked like one of those women the Vogue magazines put on their front cover and named the “women of the week”. More than that she was the queen of my heart, my fierce and resilient girl.

I tried to resist the urge to draw close take her by the hand and on one knee pop the ultimate question: “Set me ablaze forever please?” my fear knew no bounds,she could break my young heart with her answer. my knees were weak before her each time.

So many things to admire about her from a distance I stole glances at her. There was an unraveled mystery about her. The kind of girl who makes a man swallow his words severally, chew them thoroughly before planting them, you could end up shooting yourself in the leg.

“This girl is on fire” Damsel la posh,Extraordinarre. We stand again tonight. Together on the podium, hands clasped together on the altar before men and brethren.

The gates of Heaven open and our father beamed with smile. I stood to watch her as she spoke.


“One shall chase one thousand and two shall chase ten thousand” The scriptures lied not but they were not specific that they spoke of my girl.

She spewed fire and wove words that sounded like thunder even the devil hid his face because he was in for a big trouble. The source of my strength and secret of my ministry.

Late at night, she weeps into the darkness of the night drawing forth fountains, resisting boundaries, connecting realms and ascending thrones and glory. Calling forth things that were not as though they were.

Afterwards, she creeps into my bed, wrapped in my arms. I cover her just like she covers me all day everyday like the muscles which covers the tibia and fibula. The kind of girl who has the mind of Christ

She is the perfect description of the proverbs 31 woman: clothed in purple, her fragrance is like lavender, and it fills my soul and warms my heart like the oil of almond dripping from the jar; each drop seductively creeping into the crevices of my joints soothing my throbbing pain and massages my lingering affection

She stands tall in the day. Early in the morning this girl waits on me like a doting mother, adjusts my tie, tea on the table with a slice of toasted bread, a kiss on the forehead first and on the lips. Those lips met mine last night. I wouldn’t mind eternity on bed of roses cuddled around her bosom.

my eyes love to watch her on weekends as she sits at her marble table pouring her sweat and ink flowing. Flowing steadily, nonstop; a rare sight to behold, meant for my eyes alone. Men saw her results, her process was known to me


Her steps elegant like an endowed Queen, Queen Esther has nothing on her. Skin as smooth as brass, flawless like the early morning stream. A resilient and strong woman, not muscular like a man but her heart is stronger than a dozen army of men

At those odd seasons when I am overwhelmed by business and ministry, when the bills keep piling up and debtors try to overshadow me, she buys a land and wipes my shame. Her hands wrought miracles, whatever she touched turned gold

I do not wait for the day to end; each lengthy session with clients takes away my comfort.

Why do they not understand, I am running a deficit. I Am low on a Jewel syrup and the doctor prescribed me a dosage of “missergrip”

I long to run back home to meet my girl: my medication. At the gates, the men greet me heads bowed in reverence of my majesty, my ego as tall as the peak of Everest, little did they know that this girl is the secret behind my glow. She made me a complete man

Nations drink from her milk of knowledge, she speaks softly. Harsh words are far from her.

How privileged I am to hear her talk at all times, it feels like the thousand sound of Quiet spring of water, so lush and gentle.

Charm is deceptive and beauty is vain but a woman who honors the lord should be praised. Give her credit for all she does, she deserves the respect of all and sundry.

Our children abroad and home call her blessed. A mother in Israel, she sits as a Judge but does not pass judgment on my weakness.

This girl is on fire.

She is my wife  

You are the girl on fire

Burn that all might feel the heat

If you don’t burn, how would they feel the flames?


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Precious Oli

My name is Precious Jewel Oli. I am a graduate of Linguistics A lot simpler summary of me would be a God chaser, Minister, Writer and entrepreneur. I am a Nigerian. I absolutely love cooking (edible and spiritual foods) so most times you might meet me with a jotter and a Biro, some good music or sermon is an addition or better yet tucked under my blanket at my leisure times. I am learning to love my quirks and minister to the lives of others in order to for them to see themselves through the lens of God

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