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I am really excited for the beginning of grater things on this platform; this is the intro for our podcast and I hope you follow this episodes as they unfold,its going to be explosive as I take us through the journey of faith,love,purpose and relationship

we are the women on the front line and this is a call to faith battle.


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About Author

My name is Precious Jewel Oli. I am a graduate of Linguistics
A lot simpler summary of me would be a God chaser, Minister, Writer and entrepreneur. I am a Nigerian.
I absolutely love cooking (edible and spiritual foods) so most times you might meet me with a jotter and a Biro, some good music or sermon is an addition or better yet tucked under my blanket at my leisure times.
I am learning to love my quirks and minister to the lives of others in order to for them to see themselves through the lens of God

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  1. Shalom says:

    So lovely šŸ˜

    1. Precious Jewel says:

      shalom dear

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