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Dear proverbs 31 mama,

Okay, I understand you’re a perfectionist, but seriously, how can I ever live up to the standard you have set? You’re like Wonder Woman and superwoman put together always ready to take on the business world while also balancing a perfect home. I’m pretty sure you’re the person the magazines and blogs still reference when they try to sell us on how to “balance our roles” and “have it all.”
“How to be a good woman and all that gibberish”
There’s a part of me that wants to brush you off completely and pretend you’re not in the Bible. I mean like completely ignore your very existence and mention in the scriptures but i can’t,you keep tugging me like a hungry toddler who tugs the mother’s skirt endlessly for a bowl of chocolate

But if I’m being real, I’m insanely jealous of who you are and what you can accomplish with your day.
You’re a pillar of your community. We would all love to know that people think of us as savvy, prepared women. But more than that, you come home and your family affirms that, in private, you’re what the community thinks you are – a woman who fears the Lord and is truly excellent in all her ways.

I wish your weakness was highlighted just a little more. I wish I could see you in myself. But I guess that’s not the point. Because while I do not see you in myself, I see in you the women around me who regularly show me what it means to live life as a woman of God, And that’s why I want to hate you.
Because I’m not them, and I’m not you.

These past weeks of endless events and bustles of the day has really ,made me to think of how you would have handled your day better while wearing a smile,a crisp white shirt over a pressed pencil skirt and a heel. 

you are the very representation of that woman who runs around on heels all day and takes them off in the kitchen,sits and does homework with her kids.

So, while I would like to hate you, I’m going to have to thank you. Because while I can’t live out each and everything you do, you’ve inspired me to live with the strength you embody and shown me what I really need to be chasing after today.

You showed me that my home is a launching pad, not the end.
It’s clear that your preparation extends to your home. You prepare not only yourself but those in your household for anything that might come your way. It is the center of all that you do. But it is not the end of your work.
 I envy you.

you are like that big mama everyone calls on their rainy days and you always happen to have  a word or two for each particular person and a response and prayer to each heart cry. I try to imagine your husband’s head on your bosom while your kids sit at your feet as you tuck them to bed not in pains as a slave but with pure joy as a true mama.


Your love for your household means that you seek out ways to bless them. Daily, you’re looking around you to bring in what is beneficial, making wise financial choices and acquiring the finest for them. But you also bring that blessing to others by actively seeking out ways to serve the poor. You don’t wait for opportunities to show up at your doorstep, you seek them out.

The will of God is evident in your day to day plan. Christ has called me to go into all the world and I can see this going in your day to day life. You do not hide in your home, afraid of what you might face, but rather, you go boldly into the little bit of the world God has called you to.

You are simply a go-getter and a God chaser When I read about your life, when I look at the women around me who embody this eyes-open approach to living, I’m equipped with fresh eyes to look at my little portion of the world. I see where God has given me strengths and I seek out opportunities to use them. My doors transform from a place to hide from a cruel and unpredictable world into an entrance to a little part of Eden where I can share the goodness of God.

You reminded me to keep my eyes on what truly matters.
While I can look at all that you do and get overwhelmed, when I read about the end result I realize that I might be on an okay path. Our day to day lives might look different, but if I’m seeking out the same end goal as you, I like to think that you’d be walking right beside me, cheering me on.

You are praised because in all of these things, you reflect a love for God.
You remind me that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me and that all I need for life and godliness has been given
And when I read through Proverbs 31, when I marvel at all you can accomplish, I’m amazed at the end. Because I realize that who you are, a woman who is praised for her fear of the Lord, I know this is something I can never accomplish on my own. But I still have hope.

I smile sheepishly and weep for my life when I read that her children call her blessed and her husband is known at the gates because of her. 

 when I read through everything there is to know about you, I realize that you and I, we would be friends. You would be the woman I would be seeking out to come alongside me and encourage me to conduct my life and my home in a way that honors the God I serve. You wouldn’t be judging me, you’d be cheering me on as a sister in the faith

While the practical wisdom you offer is helpful, I don’t need tips and tricks to get more done, I need a heart that was centered, like yours, around the loving God who empowers us to face the tasks He has called us to with dignity and strength. And I think if you were here, sitting across from me with a cup of ice cream, that’s what you would be telling me. To surrender myself, like Mary, like you, at the feet of God.

Am willing to do that and more
I am sometimes afraid of not being anything like you at the end of the day but sincerely am just jealous of you cause I could never hate you.
I would rely on your wisdom to be the best of me .
In summary,a go getter

Inspired by another sister in the fold at www.thethinplace.com (head on over there to read the original post).

The spirit of the season is really alive but am yet to feel the celebration except for the gladness that my saviour was born. 

we would be studying more of the proverbs 31 woman as next year draws near



I wish to apologize for my unavailability these past week,it was never intentional. my device was stolen and hindered my work as a result but the lord has provided a better one.

Till next time,keep being a woman on the frontline.

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