fire in my bosom

Growing up, I liked the kitchen so much because at about age ten I had learned to light the stove and do simple cooking like boiling hot water and noodles. Sometimes, my brothers and I would light a broomstick and playfully swipe it while watching the sparks it produced. I learnt my lesson one night, […]

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Hosting the Presence Of God

Host the presence of God

Overtime I have come to discover the two major keys to hosting the presence of God daily without fail; I do hope this post addresses the questions in your heart and help you host the presence of God daily A bunch of us; my friends and I were discussing on a certain day outside the […]

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Like Leah, Align with God

You are at that crossroad of your life where nothing seems to be working any more, the prayers, the sleepless nights and it just seems as though God is far away on a holiday right? We all have that lingering and heart-aching moment when we just want the people we love to love us right […]

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