How to survive the dealings of God

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It is still fresh in my memory just like yesterday. This morning while I tried to find answers to a question a friend asked me in my inbox. How do I survive the dealings of God. Memories of God’s dealings in my life came flooding back. Being a Christian is a roller coaster ride, you must be open to the dealings of God.

The ultimate question here is: are you ready to survive through the dealings of God or will you end up like many who probably think God is unfair in his dealings

Why does God break me?

If you are like me in anyway then you must have asked yourself this question at some time in your life when the chips were down and your spirit was disheartened.

I asked myself this question while I was on my bed hooked to an oxygen mask and battling for my life, I asked this question each time I got an asthma attack. I asked myself why my case was different after four relationships clashed to the ground

Whenever God throws you in the ashes, He is giving you an opportunity to rise. Whenever He knocks you off of your feet, He is giving you a chance to stand up better and stronger than you have ever been.

Every heartbreak is much more than just heartbreak. It is also a chance for you to see your own worth, power and bravery. An opportunity for you to learn from your mistakes and not to repeat them ever again

I know most persons try to make it look like Christianity is a jolly good ride all through. It actually is. Don’t get me wrong but hear this specifically. There are dealings from God at all times. What do these dealings do to us? They make us into a perfect man properly harnessed in the lord’s hands

Let me give you an illustration of how Gods dealings are. Do you remember when God gave Jeremiah an instruction to go to the potter’s house?  Jeremiah obeyed. Lo and behold he saw the processes of making a clay pot.

The dealings of God are the same with the breaking and molding and firing process that the fine silverware in your house passed through to become that fine masterpiece you displayed at the most bright corner of your house

So whatever happens to you, remember one thing—God will leave scars and wounds on your soul and heart to serve you as reminders of everything and everyone who built you and helped you become the person you are today, one way or another. Sometimes, He will crush you to pieces only to build you up.

I am not trying to teach you pottery 101 but I want you to understand that if God does not deal with your life in certain ways. You will not come out of the fire stronger and ready to take on bigger assignments

Why does my friend have a lovely experience than I do?

You might have probably heard that everything happens for a reason. There is light at the end of the tunnel and something good in everything you see. Most times these statements make no meaning to us.

Even I speaking to you sometimes do not understand certain events and happenings. I am always caught in a web of consoling friends who lost loved ones or got their hearts broken or even failed a course.

It is hard to get them to believe that God is passing them through a phase especially when you have never passed through their dealings. The next question that would meet you is does that mean that God is wicked and insensitive?

I don’t get it. “Why am I passing through so much difficulty more than other Christians do?” This was the very question my roommate asked me at one point in her life. She was in tears and I could feel her pain

Understand this, our paths are different and so are our dealings. Even if you fail to grab any other lessons, just remember that we all walk different paths in life which are unique to the fulfillment of our destiny and calling.

You don’t expect people in medical and law school respectively to write the same exam questions after all. Same principle applies to our walk with God; he knows how strong we are and what we are able to do and if you have observed those dealings. 

If you stay strong all through, it always add more anointing, strength and faith to your life.


More so, you have results to share with others just like I can boldly speak about faith to others knowing that my asthma was healed by faith. Do you get it now?


Listen, God will not kill you or disown you if you choose to run away from any of his dealings,. Obviously, you know any long path has a short cut. Nigerians love short cuts to any destination. Lol

Imagine if the silverware in your house ran away from the fire during its firing process, well. You would not have them in your house and may never get to show them off right?

So, do you really need to run away from the dealings of God? When I use the word surviving,I do not necessarily mean that you have to endure God’s dealings grudgingly while counting days and times and possibly looking for your own way out of anything.

The word survive there actually implies that you find joy and satisfaction in the disciplines of God. Whether it be that you have to break up with that young man or woman because the lord says they are not his best plan for you .

Perhaps,You have to quit that fine banking job and move to teaching profession because that is where your calling lies.

You have to leave a particular beautiful location with the good food and nice people around to move to a remote and rural area just because God says that is where I want you to be.

How to survive the dealings of God

Whatever the dealing of God are, I need you to come to the realization that all things work for the good of them that love the lord. So,you are not just going to sit down,fold your hands and murmur in your heart against God . You are simply going to rise up daily,wash up ,smell nice, wear a smile and simply do what he has asked you to do.

The reason why it takes too long to pass and transform from the phase you are in to a better one could be because you have restricted God long enough just as in the case of the Israelite. A journey that should have lasted for 40 days took eternity simply because overgrown babies were busy grumbling in their hearts against the one person that came to rescue them

They did not enjoy nor want the wilderness experience. Believe me, nobody does but then if God says the wilderness experience must happen then we got to get on the boat and sail to Nineveh and not away from it lest we be swallowed by a big shark.

Believe it or not if God wants you to pass through a certain phase as a son then whether or not you hide and run away.The shark must swallow you and throw up you up after three days on the land of Nineveh. Get it straight

For every problem and pain, a solution lies in the archive of God:

  • The word of God is the first solution to numb the aching and not only numb but to hold your hand though your trying period. When you read the bible, it has a way of encouraging your heart and granting you peace


  • Wait on God through prayers,  our fears are settled as we speak to God about them. Also praying in the Holy Ghost has a way of building our faith.


  • Patience and perseverance. You have to persevere to the end. This phase will pass soon, even sooner than you expect. So, hang on


I know it’s hard for you to understand why you need to experience hard times in order to live through the easy ones. Why do you have to experience all this sadness before you get the chance to be happy?

You might not know it but every single life challenge is a kind of a test. It is a test of your strength and power. And it is a test of your faith.

Whenever something bad happens to you, it is an opportunity for you to grow as a person. It is an opportunity for you to cleanse your life from all the toxicity.

It is an opportunity for you to see who your real friends are and the people who don’t deserve a place near you. An opportunity to see the latter ones clearly and to cut them off.

There will be times when He will teach you to be grateful for everything you have. Or to appreciate more the people who love you and who are always there for you.

There will be times when you will learn how to love and respect yourself more. Times when you will learn to put yourself first.

There will be times when you will have to confront your inner demons and shadows from the past just to see how much you have grown.

Hang on dear friend, you will survive this phase.

Sending you light, love and hugs

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