Four lessons I learned from building my blog storefront

How to believe in yourself when you have nobody

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How to believe in yourself when you have nobody

I’m excited today! My blog officially has a storefront now. This year is definitely off to a good start. In this blog post, I will share with you five lessons I learned from opening a storefront on my blog. This will teach you how to believe in yourself when you have nobody. I know you want someone to at least believe in your dreams but what do you do when nobody believes in you yet?

Setting up my blog storefront right now equates to one goal canceled off my goal workbook for the year. By the way, I’m working on a workbook to help you set and smash your goals for the year. From health and fitness goals to brand identity goal, it could even be as little as saving up to a hundred thousand naira by month-end. This workbook is to help you keep your head focused through the year) if you want a copy, just signify in the comment box below

I will share with you some vital lessons I learned from building my blog storefront. Yeah! You heard me, I did it myself, awake through the night till about 3:40 am. Not to say this is the first time I’m keeping late nights, having a blog like this and writing my first book this year has kept me awake more than any other engagements.

Well, you must deny yourself some basic necessities sometimes just to achieve your goals this 2020 and not just this year but every other year of your life. I know you may want to jump away with New Year resolution but don’t even get me started on your lengthy lists of resolutions for the New Year.

Do you know? We are always lured by the newness and undefiled state of the new year to just draw up a list, call up some friends from the last year and cut them off because we feel they weren’t very useful to us or derailed us from our previous year resolutions. I don’t know who introduced the New Year resolution exercise but the truth is, the New Year doesn’t change you.

You must have heard this phrase a couple of times “New Year new you” but I beg to differ and emphasize with more clarity and air of affirmation that the New Year doesn’t change anyone. Well, except you shed some skin or forgot yourself in the past year. It may not be the literal meaning of that expression that the originator of the statement meant to communicate but folks have taken it up literally and are almost deceived into believing that they instantly become brand new just because the clock chimed at midnight and heaven took away the cloud covering to reveal fireworks by mortals who screamed in one accord to a ‘happy new year’.

How to believe in yourself when you have nobody

Setting goals in 2020

Setting goals in 2020 is the only thing that can actually make you that brand new person you strive and aspire to be. Regardless, if the resolutions keep you abreast, by all means, please carry on with your yearly rituals, I don’t judge.

By the way, what do you think of New Year’s resolutions? Please let me know in the comment box below

Before I share with you five lessons I learned from adding a storefront on my blog, I just want to briefly point out two virtues I believe everyone must have in order to get more done in 2020. They are my propelling factors on this journey to vision land and have always inspired me to do more: passion and drive

Do you see? When you are driven by a vision that won’t let you sleep comfortably, then you are well on your way to success. I used to think I didn’t joke with my sleep (I don’t burn myself out totally anyway)

A blog post is coming up on how you know when you are burned out; if you haven’t signed up to my email list, do so below to get notifications when a new blog post is up.

Sleep became almost a disturbance when I started blogging, writing diligently and pursuing my God-given vision to impact at least 500+million women before ‘I sleep’ when It’s time. It sounds funny and strange how I manage to dream big and call big figures even in conversations with friends but I tell you and you better believe it, big dreams and by big, I mean realistic dreams backed up by actions have brought me thus far.

Do you know how your brain works? It’s a very tricky episode and repetition and it happens to us all involuntarily. You remember when you were in university and had to submit an assignment in a week’s time. Do you remember how you laid it off until a day to the deadline and you still wrote wonderfully? The same mind trick happens to us with our visions.

We tend to get tasks with a deadline hanging on them done almost immediately and without struggle because we are capable and everyone else attests to that. Do you know why we can’t get our beautifully written and mapped out life visions on track? One reason and what I call a flimsy excuse for successful dispatch to the land of procrastination.

 ‘We assume we have enough time’

“I have enough time” That’s what you are thinking right now

We keep pushing them back until the next day, next month and eventually next year. If you treat your ideas and visions like that assignment given to you by that strict lecturer who would take no excuses then you are well on your way to getting more done in less time. This is smart thinking to hack your brain and kick out any laxity.

In this case, that lecturer is God, death and the people waiting to hear your voice. None of them wants to hear your excuses. When I had a hard copy of heels magazine in my hand the evening it arrived, it felt surreal, I couldn’t imagine I had my own premium magazine and started a movement that will last for eternity.

(You won’t understand the quality and rich content in heels magazine if you don’t have a copy or read the free download) Meanwhile, the link for download is here.

Take note, I had always wanted to have a magazine company before my national youth service call-up letter anyway. I had written it boldly in my journal (if you don’t journal yet, there are lots you are missing out on)

Read the blog post here on how to journal and why you should be journaling in 2020

I kept pushing it away. The thought of publishing a magazine was too overwhelming for me. Who would I go to for counsel and who do I work with, how much would it cost me? I had a lot to think about. I was afraid and finally lost the drive for it.

The call to Zamfara state and securing admission to a writing and business school made that dream a reality in less than a month. Funnily everyone thought and still thinks I had the name mapped out and the structure of the magazine written somewhere before that time. Maybe I had written the articles centuries ago.

Hell NO! I only had the idea written down but nothing around it, just a blank line which reads:

“I want to have a magazine for Christian ladies”. The vision for that magazine was birthed at the fourth dimension ministry; a discipleship class that I attended back home. On that fateful night, the pastor asked us to pray and meditate; we were being taught the art of hearing from God and gaining clarity.

Then it happened, it just dropped like a passing instruction. The idea for a ladies magazine was birthed the more but no name yet or any written agenda. The name for the magazine came as we sat in class one morning at the business school.

“Heels magazine” just like that

Funny, right?

All this happened because of two things: Passion and drive like I pointed out previously.  I always treat my vision to impact women as such that I don’t have enough time.

Something along the lines of : “I won’t live for too long so let’s get things done now”

I believe I have succeeded in hacking my brain to beat procrastination and birth doggedness. As for the storefront, it’s a funny but sincere experience on my end. The Lord teaches us things when we need to learn them. Just have that drive and passion in place and watch him teach you everything necessary.

And the gift of men, they all come when your passion and drive is in place. It pushes men to help you outside their comfort zone. That was how the heels team was formed and more hands are joining the team.

Don’t complain that people aren’t helping you. Stop doing that to yourself honestly. What are you doing to help yourself? 

Just show people how dedicated and passionate you are and watch them come to assist you. Some might even call you like the angel call I received this morning. Guess what they will ask you?

“How can we be of help?”

I play a lot but my brain works round the clock. While I’m eating, bathing, walking….I’m thinking. Not worrying. There’s space for self-love and pamper in my diary but my sleep can wait for a few days just to get a task done. “What’s next?”

All that said; let’s look at four lessons I learned from building my blog storefront. These lessons will also guide you on how to believe in yourself even when you have nobody.

  • Passion and drive is the first key to accomplishing any task
  • Trust solely and rely on God for everything
  • People won’t help you until you show them what you got
  • Prove yourself to yourself first then others

How to believe in yourself when you have nobody

Four lessons I learned from building my blog storefront: How to believe in yourself even when you have nobody

  • Passion and drive is the first key to accomplishing any task

You can’t really get anything done when you lack the necessary propelling factor. Everyone needs a little dose of passion and a dash of drive in their system to get them pumped up for the day’s exercise. This helps to keep your head above waters despite the challenges and criticisms you face on the road to success.

Only passion for impact can cause a young woman to leave the comfort of her home to travel faraway Africa in search of souls for the kingdom. It is that same drive that can push you to pick your pen every day to write up to 15oo words or decide on a business adventure until you hit the honey pot.

  • Trust solely and rely on God for everything

I always love to remind myself to have a little faith no matter how little. The truth remains that people may not readily believe you or have as much faith as you expect despite the close relationship you have with them.

They might trust that you have the skills necessary to make a change or that you got the voice. Do you know one person that can believe in you even when nobody does? God. He is about the only father I know that will whisper in your ears with tears in your eyes and nights when you are bent over your laptop trying to figure out how to go about your dreams.

You know the moment you call out to him and say “Lord I’m tired and weak”, you see him renew your strength and equip you to charge further.

  • People won’t help you until you show them what you got

We seem to have a generation of men and women who readily blame others and guilt trips them for not believing in them. It’s funny to me when others complain that a certain friend does not believe in them.

What do you expect after all? They don’t believe in you because they haven’t seen a reason to do so. It takes more than just words to get people to believe in you. Just telling someone to “believe in you doesn’t automatically work.

So, how do you get someone to believe? While it can take deeper and more intensive work to let go of long-standing limiting beliefs, sometimes the solution is simple: Make a decision and back it up with evidence.

Let me tell you a little lesson I learned over time. People naturally gravitate towards you when you start up and are serious not when you are still wiping your nose from one disappointment. Stop blaming others for not believing in you. Do one thing; prove them wrong by showing results that speak volumes

  • Prove yourself to yourself first then others

I don’t know how much you believe in yourself. If there is anyone I ever want to believe in me more, that person is me. I know there are times you look at your tiny stature and empty bank account and wonder if you are able to accomplish any task ahead.

The truth is you have more than to takes to change a nation. You just have to look within and discover that one thing that can keep you awake, and then start from there. You must not be everything to everyone but you have to be a motivator to yourself. Do you understand?

Let’s carry out a little exercise now, Do you see a mirror nearby? Look in the mirror, call your name and say, I believe in you. How does it feel? If you don’t agree with that declaration, then the real issue might not be what others believe about you; the real issue might be what you believe about yourself.


How to believe in yourself when you have nobody


You can get more done when you ditch sleeps and set your behind on the chair to work. My work station right now is my bed and my favorite as well. No! I can’t even sleep because my bed hates sleep as well

Are you ready to work? Let’s work then. I’m rooting for you honestly. On a lighter note, have you set your goals for 2020? What do you want to get done this year?

Share with me, I might offer you free consultation today. If it’s starting a blog or writing a book (I got you). Meanwhile, I’m working on a worksheet to guide you in your goal setting and smashing. Did I say it before?

If you would like a copy when it’s out then just signify. I will send you a link by email for where to find it in my shop. you might get it for free or for a little token. Will you like a free copy?

Why you are here, please share this post with others if you learned one or two lessons. Don’t forget to leave a comment and also sign up for my weekly newsletter.

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  1. You did a great job here.
    I use to write before during my secondary school but my supposed menthor condemed the whole write up and said it is not worth it and it break my heart and distabilize me. Any time I pick up my pen to write his word came fresh to my mind…but my resolution this year is that I will pick up my pen and start writting again.
    I will need a copy of that too
    keep doing exploit for the kingdom ma

  2. Wow precious, to be honest,I had never spent this long on your blog as I did tonight. Just a casual thought to visit, and here we are right at the foot of this lengthy rendition. I must say it was very engaging!
    I think this work truly burdens on a vast generic scope and I advise that our young men should connect as well. Obviously, there is a consumable undertones for the brothers as well, or what do you think?(laughs). Thank you for those lessons that you neatly tailored down, Honestly I benefited. Anticipating the workbook too.
    More running inks deary passionate!

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