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Mum woke us up speedily once it was 11:30pm for the family cross over night. Yeah, you know the typical Nigerian cross over tradition where we pray together as a family, look at each other while singing and laugh for no reason and in most extreme families, bind and cast and tie up 2018 demons and ancestral powers to avoid travelling through the years with us LOL. Each person was asked to sing two songs while others memorized their favourite songs in their heads till it got to that heat period when voices overlap; my brother tries to sing his song while cutting into my unrelenting cousin who sings on, it got funny at that point.

Where is jewel going with all these family New Year drama and cross over tradition which I do not even believe in?

Each time I take a peek into my journal, I heave a sigh and sometimes I smile; I started journaling from secondary school even before I knew the name journaling and then the Holy Spirit helped my understanding in year one as well, I wrote down visions, dreams, and aspirations and gradually I am following the written vision even without reading the journal.

1t’s 2019 and just like every other year where we make over the top resolutions, new year resolutions are wonderful by the way but I have one problem with our resolutions, we always leave them off at the first quarter of the year, somewhere around march or late February when our self righteousness has mellowed down, the sun has beaten our foreheads and friends have come to stay, yeah even the so called “fake friends” whom we promised to cut off by all means.

I got the problem, our resolutions are mostly emotional and tradition based, it’s almost like a must do necessity or we feel left out but what if we make it a lifestyle, I mean like a full blown reality, a life we live daily than a tradition we keep up with just because others are doing it or perhaps under the influence of powerful messages

This is about to become a long post which I do not intend to


This year, instead of new resolutions, how about we focus on what we were doing before

I just remembered back in boarding school where I try to replace old stuffs with new ones just because it’s a new year but what happens to the few good stuffs I could continue with, I toss them to the side but before long, I see myself pick them up discovering they are pretty in good shape and I was only being stupid.

New Year, new life… I know all about that, which is on a whole new level. The holy spirit might convict you on so many bad characters from the past year and if you are sensitive enough, you would want to repent from them like how am trying to repent from unfriendliness; I can be anti social which makes others a little scared of my personality, I think my other name should be miss formal, till we are close enough, I may not really be open with you nor interact freely, am also asking God for a larger heart. You just heard mine

What are you repenting from?

Another drift again

Just like I posted on my facebook profile @ oli precious Ngozika and twitter@ precious jewelng

The lord may be demanding more of continuity this 2019 than new resolutions

When he urges you, I hope you are sensitive enough to know projects that needs continuity and projects that must go because they are just unprofitable time killers and as much as I hate the phrase “cut off fake friends’ cause I don’t understand how you managed to allow fake friends into your life when the holy spirit is there to guide your choice of friends. I still induct that there are friends that you must continue with, I call them “destiny helpers” but there are definitely friends you must throw away not because you hate them but because they are just innocent dream killers or possibly wet blankets or in worst case scenarios assistant devils in sheep skin disguise if there is really anything like that

I have to end here, this post is already longer than it should, am sorry I can’t stop the flow of the ink or rather the letters of my keyboard,

Most importantly, keep being a woman on the frontline, the theme this year is continuity

“Go in this thy might” and watch out for more continuity from the precious jewel blog as well as a woman on the frontline group and page @ a woman on the frontline.A

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